iFixit, in its teardown of the MacBook Pro, wasn’t too happy with what it saw. The teardown site found that the SSD and RAM are non-upgradeable making decision making a little tougher when it came to buy the MacBook Pro with future requirements in mind. Further it found that the battery is glued to the housing while the display is fused into the assembly. So, if it ever came to replacing either one or both of them, it is going to be certainly a costly affair.

But, iFixit didn’t stop there. It went ahead and has brought out maintenance guides, 16 in all, explaining how to disassemble the MacBook Pro, remove components that won’t leave the system permanently scarred and has even gone to the extent of putting down guides that will help you remove components such as battery, SSD and the likes.

Along the way though, it still makes sure that you get those caution signals to remind you that there are all the possibilities that this might go wrong and you may end up damaging your MacBook.