Keon Jae Lee at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science And Technology has created a solid-state flexible battery capable of retaining its energy levels even when it is folded, spindled, and or mildly mutilated notes TechCrunch.

The professor through his research has opened up new horizons in terms of near paper-thin designs of batteries that can be used in consumer electronics products like tablets, smartphones and eReaders.

The video [below] showcases the capabilities of the battery in terms of voltage retention even when it is bent or unbent. The professor is expecting his work to be part of “next-generation fully flexible electronic systems” but, there have been no commercial discussions as of now.

The thing with the current stage of the research is that it is good to light up the lights in a Christmas tree but, when it comes to high performance, well it is just not there yet. The researchers are now going to work ways to up the capacity of the battery.