Costing $0.99, the U Cloud Finish service would notify students via a text message as soon as a spot in their desired class was open. The service functioned by checking for availability of free seats on the University of Central Florida’s online portal for course registration, myUCF, every 60 seconds Arnold explained via a Reddit post.

Arnold launched the service through Facebook on June 2 and managed to gain 500 users in just under a week. The service was blocked by UCF administrators though. According to officials, the service disrupted normal technology use and was in direct violation of a policy whereby students are barred from profiting through use of university tools notes The chronicle.

As of now Arnold is in line of fire and is facing academic probation of three semesters along with some other forms of punishments such as essay writing, attending a coaching session on good decision making and the likes.  

“I just feel that the actions they did were very extreme, considering my intent was to help students and not to intentionally subvert the rules,” Arnold told the Chronicle.

As of now Arnold is busy circulating a petition demanding that the university remove the block that has been imposed.