Google in a blog post announced that space enthusiasts who have always wanted to take a peek inside the space station can now do that through the use of Street View [video below]. Users of Street View can take a look inside a control room, inside the Vehicle Assembly Building and the Shuttle launch pad.

“Among the images you can now explore online with the click of your mouse are the space shuttle launch pad, Vehicle Assembly Building and Launch Firing Room #4.” wrote Ryan Falor, Google Street View Product Manager.

Google has managed to capture a total of 6000 panoramic views of the facilities making it one of the largest collections in Street View imagery. Street View has also managed to capture the recently retired space shuttles Atlantis and Endeavour. The collection can be reached at

Just a few days back Google announced 3D maps for iOS leaving Apple behind whereby it covered 14 cities along with a guided tour of interesting places to visit. Before this Street View had captured imagery of 10 Downing Street – the residence of the UK Prime Minister.


Take a peek at the video below.