C|NET has it from representatives of eBay that there has been an upsurge in the number of people who are looking to trade their old devices. According to eBay its Instant Sale program saw nearly 100,000 smartphones on offer in the last three days, which is 70 per cent higher as compared to the same period a week before.

Instant Sale is eBay’s service that rivals those of Gazelle, NextWorth and the likes where trade-ins are either offered by users or manufacturers. The way Instant Sale works is that a user submits the device he or she wants to sell, describe its condition, any accessories that might come with it and accept eBay’s offer. In case the user agrees eBay handles the rest i.e. shipping and related costs and transfer of money in user’s PayPal account.

This particular service, according to eBay, saw a total of 375,000 trade-in offers during iPhone 4S launch.

The current upsurge in smartphone trade-ins is because multiple sites (The New York Times, All Things D, Bloomberg, Reuters, The Loop, and The Verge) offered their confirmation about a possible September launch of the iPhone 5.