The newly designed solid state receiver demonstrates a gain at 0.85 THz. This particular milestone is a stepping stone for the next target of 1.03 THz. DARPA notes that because of this achievement a host of DoD electronics capabilities can now be realized. One such application where this can be of use is for a sensor that will operate through clouds under a DARPA program, dubbed, VISAR.

Up until now, systems involved in advanced communication and sensor systems that operate in the millimeter wave sub-MMW frequency bands were difficult to create for the want of effective means to generate, detect, process, and radiate the necessary high frequency signals. Electronic components, such as this solid state receiver built by DARPA, that can operate at frequencies of 1THz and above are required to control and manipulate radiation in this particular portion of the RF spectrum notes Military & Aerospace electronics.

John Albrecht, Program Manager at DARPA said,

Realizing circuits at 0.85 THz is a remarkable achievement for the program and is the latest success from a long-term investment in frequency-scaled RF transistors.


This revolutionary advance would give U.S. warfighters an advantage in an especially challenging portion of the RF spectrum

added Albrecht.