iPhone5Parts.net has put out the video [below] that compares the screen of iPhone 4S and a screen of the next-generation iPhone, supposedly the iPhone 5. From the video it is evident that the iPhone 5’s screen is definitely taller than that of the iPhone 4S. With that Apple is doing away with the current 4:3 aspect ratio in the iPhone and replacing it with 16:9.

Previously it was revealed by quite a few sites across the web that the front facing camera will be on the right hand side rather than the current left position. The video actually affirms that rumour.

The video also shows that the screen of next-gen iPhone is about 10 per cent thinner compared to that of the iPhone 4S and is scratch resistant. Some of the other features that iPhone 5 is probably going to come equipped with are NFC, 1GB or RAM, smaller doc connector among others.

Sharp has confirmed that it is going to ship iPhone 5 screens in August more or less indicating towards a September launch of the highly awaited iPhone 4S successor.