Madfinger Games CEO Marek Rabas might not have the same reasons of piracy to blame when it comes to iDevices. iOS piracy rates are not high as compared to Android and when it comes to putting down piracy in numbers of iOS devices, it is just about 1 per cent of all iDevices out there. The CEO said, “the number of pirates on iOS is comparable with the amount of jailbroken devices.” notes The Verge.

Rabas has spoken out through an article on GameZebo and points out to quite a few things about game developers, freemium models and piracy. Rabas believes that developers should be worried about developing games and not about how high is the piracy rate and how to defend against such a menace. According to him, the lack of protection on platforms provided by Google and Apple is to blame.

“It is really very sad for us and the gaming industry that with a few clicks of a mouse (err.. touches), a user can install the game and use it for free.” he wrote. “It‘s definitely more easy than setting up an account on iTunes or Google Play, filling out large forms and answering all security questions.” he added further.

Madfinger like many other game development companies have adopted the freemium model when it comes to promoting their games. Most of the revenue generation for the Dead Trigger developer is through in-app purchases.

The points that Rabas is pondering over are definitely what every developer would be thinking. Whether to develop games that will make money through in-app purchases or offer games with one-time purchase options? Whether to develop games that people won’t play because of the freemium model? Or to develop games to be offered for free and don’t make money and starve to death?