But, for me it has turned out to be a ‘milk has turned sour’ affair. I launched ParityNews.com on July 15th thinking that with my experience in news reporting and online journalism with some of the reputed sites like ITProPortal.com, blogs such as (ISC)2 blog and more or less 5 years of experience in Network and Information security, I would be able to give in my two cents worth to the Internet community.

So, what did I do for getting traffic for my new site? Like many site owners, I also put faith in Slashdot.com, Reddit.com and the rocky Digg.com. What did I end up with? Well read on.


Slashdot was the one that embraced me, if I may, and gave me tons of traffic with some actually returning regular visitors. I am thankful to the folks at Slashdot. I will always be indebted to them for the traffic I receive from Slashdot.

Digg came back with a new interface that is actually not appealing. It’s just not me that has found it a bit ‘Ewwww’ but, there are many across the Internet community have the same feeling. I have been trying to get my head around how to submit links there and what is that the moderators or automated selection system. I have been submitting my work there but to no avail.

Finally the all popular Reddit.com which has actually given me headaches. Why? Well, I started posting at Reddit thinking that it will be again an all welcoming experience as with Slashdot. It wasn’t. I submitted about 19 links. Nothing turned up on the main technology page. But, what ended up happening was that I have been banned.

The moderators at reddit think that I am a spammer; I don’t deliver good stuff and that I need to have a ‘heart to heart discussion with the Admins,” before they would let me post links again. That is the reply I got from them when I tried contacting them initially. 19 links in a span of 9 days – is it that spammy? I don’t think so. I post more at Slashdot. I tried getting in touch with them asking for a way out of this. I haven’t received any reply from them and I am still getting “You’ve submitted too many links recently. Please try again in an hour.” message since a few days.

If the content wouldn’t have been genuine or it would have been stale, I would understand. But, I stay awake for hours to get across news that are fresh and have been made available just minutes before they hit my site. I don’t know what to do in this case. Can anyone help?