The Megaupload founder has done all he could viz. sending in his official documents, IDs to get his account verified but, he is still getting a big NO from Twitter for his verification. Kim Dotcom has asked Twitter to get another account by the same name banned and to verify his ID as the real one based on the documents that he has sent out notes TorrentFreak.

Below is the correspondence of Kim DotCom with Twitter:

KimDotcom, Jul 09 07:57 pm (PDT):

Full name: Kim Dotcom
Username of reported account: @Kim_Dotcom
Description: This account is impersonating me. Using my photo, etc. Please terminate that account because a lot of people who search for me find the Impersonator instead of me.

Email address: [REDACTED]
Twitter username (optional): @KimDotcom

Anything else? (optional): I would also humbly ask to please verify my account so that I have the verify label.

Kind regards,
Kim Dotcom

So what did Kim get as a reply? Well here is the screenshot of what he received:

Kim is also having a hard time convincing Facebook about his identity. The reason the social networking giant is not accepting his request is that it thinks that Dotcom is not a valid last name.

Facebook sent the below reply to Dotcom when he tried contacting them:

We will not be able to assist you with your inquiry based on the ID you provided. Facebook requires all users to use their accurate first and last names. It is also important to note that using fake identification is against the law.