Flava Works filed the complaint last week and according to the filing, FileSonic and Oron have been named as offenders of several copyrights. The complaint has given these websites as tags of “illegitimate” outfits and notes that these websites are “websites that copy, store, distribute, display, profit from unauthorized copyrighted materials, and/or induce and assist others to infringe copyrighted materials.”

The adult entertainment company claims that these sites are illegally sharing these files and profiting through affiliate programs. The company is requesting for a permanent injunction on these services along with a restraining order on the defendants and wants to go all out against FileSonic and Oron and has requested statutory, compensatory and punitive damages for the alleged infringements.

One thing is definitely not clear though. Why did Flava Works single out these two services even though it has named RapidShare, FileServe and Hotfile as other services who involved in such copyright infringing practices?