Samsung submitted the documents showing these Windows Phone 8 handsets and from the specifications shown in the document both are powered by none other than Qualcomm MSM8960 chipset, a dual-core 1.5GHz system-on-chip, which the Windows 8 maker had been using for testing the latest Windows Phone OS notes The Verge.

The specifications of both the handsets are quite impressive. ‘Odyssey’ will be featuring a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD display; will be featuring an 8-MP rear camera and will also support NFC.

The ‘Marco’ on the other hand will have a comparatively smaller screen: 4-inch S-AMOLED display with WVGA resolution and will boast of a 5 MP rear camera. Both the devices are going to support 4G-LTE.

The thing to note about here is the launch date is listed as Q4 2012, which coincides with launch date of Windows Phone 8.

Windows Phone 8 might be having a truck load of features but the thing that is a bit on its darker side is that it won’t be supported on Windows Phone 7.5 handsets – meaning users of current Windows Phones will not be able to upgrade to Windows 8. Further, Windows Phone 8 will come bundled with new handsets.