The patent is based on the manner in which a user can interact with a computer connected display unit. The abstract of the patent filing is as follows: “The invention provides a method for providing human input to a computer which allows a user to interact with a display connected to the computer.”

The above lines do make some sense after the initial reading. But, as you read on, you might certainly get confused as to what was the patent filing going on about: “The method includes the steps of placing a first target on a first portion of the user’s body, using an electro-optical sensing means, sensing data related to the location of the first target and data related to the location of a second portion of the user’s body, the first and second portions of the user’s body being movable relative to each other, providing an output of the electro-optical sensing means to the input of the computer, determining the location of the first target and the location of the second portion of the user’s body, and varying the output of the computer to the display based upon the determined locations for contemporaneous viewing by the user.”

I couldn’t make out much from the above abstract. Read on and you may understand what Apple was targeting:

“1. The invention can provide a 3, 4, and 5 dimensional touch screen or graphics tablet. In other words, the x,y location of the touch, the force or depth of the touch, and the vector direction of the touch (2 angles).”

Apple is after multidimensional touch screen devices, though still conceptual, as there is no actual demonstration of 5D systems. The patent is again one of those that might not see any practical implementation and may just well turn out to be a hand-waving exercise.