Through a blog post, Google announced that it has now made 3D imagery available on its Google Earth for iOS app. Users of iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or new iPad, while using Google Earth for iOS app, will feel that they are virtually flying over cities.

The feature, as of now, works only for 12 regions. Cities for which the 3D imagery is provided are from US with an expectation of a city in Rome. The U.S. cities include: Boulder, Colo., Boston, Charlotte, N.C., Lawrence, Kan., Long Beach, Calif., Los Angeles, Portland, Ore., San Diego, Santa Cruz, Calif., Tampa, Fla., Tucson, Ariz., and San Francisco, plus its East Bay and Peninsula neighbors notes the blog post.

The race between Google and Apple towards coming up with 3D maps has been on since June when the search engine giant had announced, somewhat hastily, about its plans of providing such a feature. As anticipated, Apple announced its own plans to provide maps with features such as turn-by-turn navigation, Flyover features, etc.

Google has also put in a feature called ‘tour guide’ which will show users interesting places worth exploring. “We’ve put together short tours of thousands of famous places and historical sites across the globe so it’s easier than ever to discover amazing places.” read the blog post.

  • Mike J

    “Started working”? Google had been working on 3D for years, and they have a released product. All Apple has is an announcement (and they didn’t even develop the technology themselves, they had to buy it).