Torvalds has talked about quite a few things in his review of the Nexus 7 like the front facing camera, the operating system i.e. Jelly Bean, the user interface as well as the size among other things.

Linus is of the view point that tablets are not for taking pictures and if someone actually goes about doing it, he/she would “look like a complete dork”. Linus means business when it comes to tablets and considers video conferencing as the ideal usage of a camera on the tablet.

Interface wise Torvalds doesn’t like the different skins that manufacturers of Android tablets adopt. He calls it a “ ’pee in the snow’ model of skinning android”. The 7-inch size has gone down well with Torvalds as he thinks “the 7″ one is better yet” compared to 10” or 8.9” tablets.

Further in his post, the final authority in Linux goes on and talks about the pixels of the Nexus 7, which he deems are just fine for even small text to be readable. He still thinks that the Nexus 7 doesn’t make a good eReader as Kindle beats Google’s debut tablet when it comes to weight and e-Ink technology.

Near the end Torvalds states “it’s solid” and he believes that those who didn’t like Android tablets, Nexus 7 might just change that.

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