Madfinger Games has found a unique way of tacking piracy or has it? The company has turned its paid game, Dead Trigger, to a free one because it thinks that rather than losing money to pirates why not just give the game for free (and earn out of advertising revenue I guess). The game which was originally priced at $0.99 on Play Store is now available for free. The iOS version of the game still costs $0.99 and hasn’t been made free.

South Korea has topped the wireless broadband charts by becoming the first country to register over 100 per cent of wireless broadband cover. With 100.6 subscribers per 100 people, South Korea is ahead of Sweden, which has 98 per cent penetration. Finland is third with 87.8 per cent while Japan stands fourth with 82.4 per cent. According to OECD there has been a 13 per cent growth in wireless broadband subscriptions among member countries during the period of last six months year on year and currently stands at 667 million

A German court, in a fresh ruling, has upheld Apple’s claim of ban on Galaxy Tab to the point that it has also granted Cupertino a Europe wide ban Galaxy Tab 7.7 for infringing upon iPad’s design patents. The court has however allowed the Galaxy Tab 10.1N to remain on sale. The Dusseldorf Regional Court ruled that Apple can go ahead and seek a preliminary ban on the Galaxy S III maker’s 7.7-inch tablet. The court went a step ahead though and said that the tablet won’t be banned just in Germany but it will be removed from store shelves across the whole of Europe.