In an email a spokesman for the European Commission, Antoine Colombani, stated that the EU had “reached a good degree of understanding on possible solutions” and would continue its discussions with Google notes Reuters.

What does this mean for Google? The search engine giant would probably escape any formal antitrust charges and any regulatory interventions over its search results if the deal with the EU goes through.

The EU antitrust probe has been going on against Google since 2010 which was later joined by Microsoft. With Google having 90 per cent market share, Microsoft joining the anti-Google bandwagon was more or less self-explanatory.

The EU was concerned about not just the search engine results but also that Google was being anti-competitive when it comes to its advertising agreements with other websites. EU may have been concerned about Google’s probable attempts to prevent advertisers from moving their ad campaigns to rival search engines like Yahoo! and Microsoft and that it took content from rival sites without permission.