Madfinger Games has joined the long list of developers who have recently turned their paid Android based game, Dead Trigger, to a free one. Originally priced at $0.99 on Play Store, the first person shooter game is now available for free. The iOS version of the game still costs $0.99 and hasn’t been made free.

The reason developer cites for this move is the amount of piracy on Android platform. On its Facebook page, Madfinger Games said, “The main reason: piracy rate on Android devices, that was unbelievably high.”

“…the piracy rate is soooo giant, that we finally decided to provide DEAD TRIGGER for free”, the company added.

The company has stressed on the point that there are no in-app purchase requirements and the game is completely free-to-play unlike other games.

If we go by piracy ratio, developers have come up with some rather starling figures. Korea based com2uS has said that some games have seen piracy rate as high as 90{b2f8038cca59418a55fa2a773bdd1308d9b98f2083b1773270b153fdacce5890}. Appy Entertainment have seen piracy to the ratio of 70:1 i.e. for every 70 illegal installs, there in only one genuine purchase.

Google has been getting quite a lot of complaints about the rampant piracy and it has already started working towards this. With Android Jelly Bean, there is a new features for app encryption that has been introduced. The developer blog reads as follows:

“From Jelly Bean and forward, paid apps in Google Play are encrypted with a device-specific key before they are delivered and stored on the device. We know you work hard building your apps. We work hard to protect your investment.”

  • Jonathan Warren

    Are the piracy numbers tainted by backup and restore programs? What if I still want to buy the game?

  • Daniel Monteiro

    So your’re basically saying that they were losing money and then they decided to abide all the little money they were making. I fail to see the logic here.
    It is as if they’re awarding the same community that got them to lose money in the first place.
    Sounds more like a fishy marketing ploy.

  • Robert Finnicky

    Say all you want MADFINGER GAMES, but WE ALL consider this as yet another marketing ploy.

    Seriously? If you hate Android so much, stick with your iOS apps.

  • Ace

    its not ‘free’ actually. Dead trigger requires in app purchases of weapons to get anywhere.

    The actual story is that Apple users are getting ripped off more than Android users are.