The news were broken by Shin Jong-kyun, head of information technology and mobile communications at Samsung Electronics at Gimpo International Airport. He was seeing off Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee who was on his way to London to attend the Summer Olympics.

“We are witnessing brisk sales of the Galaxy S3 and its sale has surpassed 10 million units,” Shin said notes Yonhap News Agency.

The iPhone competitor, Galaxy S3 was made publicly available on May 29 in UK. The US and China launch soon followed with May 29 launch while Korea saw the launch on June 25. The 10 million units mark in just 50 days means the latest smartphone from Samsung sold an average of 83k units per hour or 200,000 units per day.

Experts believe that, “In the world mobile phone market, the Galaxy S3 is the only cellphone except the Apple iPhone that reached sales of 10 million units in such a short period of time.”

The other models in the Galaxy range of smartphones were kind of slow in achieving this feat. Galaxy S sold 10 million units in about eight months’ time back in 2010 while its kin, the S2, managed to reach that mark in about five months in 2011.