There are many software and hardware based unlocks for contract phones available. But, there are a few catches here. Software based unlocks like those being provided by iPhone Dev-team’s ultrasn0w is known to remove carrier locks from a select few iPhone handsets but, they must be running on a certain iOS version. When it comes to iPhones that have Apple’s latest A5X processor there is no guarantee that these software based unlock methods will work.

When it comes to hardware based unlock methods; there are few that work. GEVEY SIM is a solution that works but, these so called SIM interposers may fail in case software update works against such an unlock.

The latest solution by Apple N Berry works for any iPhone that is AT&T locked claims the company. The thing that attracts me the most here about the unlock method is that iPhone’s current baseband, iOS firmware, SIM card and even the handset itself are all irrelevant. They just don’t matter.

Here is how Apple N Berry describes it

Apple N Berry iPhone IMEI unlock is a permanent iPhone unlock solution. Once unlocked, your iPhone will remain unlocked even after an iOS upgrade or SIM card swap. IMEI unlocks are considered an iPhone factory unlock that works with any AT&T iPhone model 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S regardless of baseband.

The only downside, if I may, is that this particular unlock method comes at a hefty price. $150 is definitely on the high end of the cost spectrum when it comes to unlocks. We haven’t tested this out and so we would like readers to deal with this at their own discretion. We do not endorse any or all of the unlocking mechanisms we have talked about.