Web sites use cookies to store information pertaining to user preferences, details about the web page or web site visited.
These cookies are stored on user’s browsers depending upon browser setting on users’ computer. Technically, cookies cannot store or spread viruses or malware; typically it is used to facilitate user with preferences for a particular web site.


How we use Cookies uses a number of third party tools which set cookies on websites that are operated on our behalf in order to deliver the services that are required to run websites effectively. does not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you or anyone else; however, if you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set by you can do so in your browser settings or by using opt-out services which are detailed below. For more information about how to set your browser cookie restrictions, refer to your browsers help function.


Please be aware that restricting cookies may seriously restrict the functionality of our websites.


Types of Cookies uses cookies that use can be broken down into 2 distinct categories.



In certain circumstances third party tools utilize cookies to anonymously track a user’s path through website. This provides valuable information to improve user’s experience.



Sometimes we deploy enhancements to our websites to provide increased functionality using third party services. These enhancements could include providing users with related content both within our sites and via external links. In addition, we provide easy to use share buttons to enable users to quickly share content via social networks. These services can deploy cookies to track content that is relevant to you so we can provide you with a better and more personal service.


Cookies we Use

If you would like more information about the cookies used by ourselves and third party services, as well as information on how to opt-out, please see their details and individual privacy policies listed below.


Cookies we Use
Analytics commonly uses third party analytics services to measure the effectiveness of websites. Use the following links to review their privacy policies and cookie opt-out procedures:

Google Analytics –


Across our websites, we provide the ability for users to share content across social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest and others through the use of convenient share buttons. These buttons can, in some cases, utilize cookies to identify when a user has shared a piece of content and track the popularity of that content. Use the following links to review their privacy policies and cookie opt-out procedures:

Facebook –
Twitter –
Google+ –
LinkedIn –
Digg –
Slashdot –

Ad Serving (targeted)

So we can provide users with adverts for products, services and offers that are more of interest to users, we use targeted advertising services based on a users interests.

DoubleClick –
Specific Media –
Yahoo –
24/7 Real Media –
Media Mind –
MediaPlex –
Kontera –
Vibrant –

Ad serving (non-targeted)

We also run adverts on a non-targeted basis. Some of the external tools and ad serving services that we use employ cookies to track the performance and effectiveness of these adverts. Use the following links to review their privacy policies and cookie opt-out procedures:

PubMatic –
Rubicon –
Rocket Fuel –
Datalogix –
Adjug –
[x+1] –
The MIG –
Xaxis –
Bizo –
All others to add to list –