Dmitry Olegovich Zubakha, the Russian national accused of launching a denial of service (DoS) attack on sites like Amazon, eBay, has been arrested by authorities in Cyprus. The 25 year old launched two DoS attacks on back in 2008 for which he was indicted in May 2011. The charges also include such attacks that were carried out by him during the same month against eBay and Priceline. US officials would now be seeking his extradition.

The developer, Alexei Borodin, who was behind the iOS in-app purchase hack has had his way again and this time has targeted the Mac OS X now and has successfully been able to circumvent the in-app mechanism of Mac apps. We had already gone in detail about the process of bypassing the in-app purchase mechanism in iOS and so wouldn’t go in depth here. The Mac OS X mechanism is a little different from that of iOS but, overall the core remains the same.

Whistle blowing site WikiLeaks is in trouble again and this time it is because of a major cash crunch which has seen its December 2010 cash reserves of $983,600 dwindle to mere $120,000. WikiLeaks said that it is experiencing money shortage but, it has found a loop hole through which it can circumvent the donations blockade imposed by Visa and MasterCard. According to WikiLeaks, they shall be using French credit card system, Carte Blue. Visa and MasterCard are ‘contractually barred’ from cutting off payments on Carte Blue system.

With an aim to release a new Linux distro every day in the month of August through a new experiment dubbed ’31 Flavors of Fun’, Todd Robinson, the man behind the experiment, is going to attempt this feat unassisted and release complete desktop operating systems for 31 days.
The main aim of this experiment is to demonstrate the huge advantages of open source along with shared knowledge or community knowledge, if I may, in real world.

The launch day of latest Batman flick also saw the Internet Defense League reveal its cat symbol on a building in NY near Chinatown. IDL’s laughing cat was spotted at other three locations: San Francisco, Washington DC and Mongolia. The laughing cat symbol indicates that the Internet is in danger and that a superhero is now called upon to save it from bad legislation.