In the song Dotcom says that US politics is being taken over by Hollywood and this is killing innovation. The Megaupload founder released the song through his newly unveiled website notes TorentFreak. Kim Dotcom believes that Barack Obama has played an important role in the destruction of Megaupload.

“The war for the Internet has begun. Hollywood is in control of politics. The Government is killing innovation. Don’t let them get away with that.” are the opening words of the newly released song. Dotcom hasn’t quit in his fight against the law enforcements in what is described as one of “the largest criminal copyright cases ever brought by the United States.” and is actively fighting the investigation using both online and offline methods.

Kim Dotcom believes that Vice President of US, Joe Biden, was the one who had order the closure of Megaupload and that this was a “gift” to Hollywood from the corrupt forces inside the US government.

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