Microsoft has revealed that Yammer’s software will keep its independent identity and that Yammer will become part of its Office division. Yammer’s software will be integrating with Microsoft’s own line of software Lync, SharePoint, Office, etc. Yammer CEO will be heading the Yammer team.

“We look forward to accelerating the adoption of Yammer’s standalone service, and enhancing the social capabilities in Microsoft’s communication and collaboration offerings.” said Jared Spataro, Senior Director, Office Division, Microsoft.

Yammer specializes in cloud based software that is more or less similar to Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) solutions that are workplace suitable adaptations of social networking sites like Facebook and Twiiter. ESN software provide quite a few features such as micro-blogging, discussion forums, Wikis, brainstorming software, sharing, editing, etc. Social network based features include tagging, rating, etc.

Yammer’s software already enjoys certain degree of integration with SharePoint and Microsoft is certainly going to benefit from the ESN capabilities of Yammer as well as its vast customer base that is spread out in more than 150 countries and includes the likes of Deloitte, Tyco, Ford and Nationwide Insurance.