Through the app, ROM Ultimate Dinosaurs, Canada based Royal Ontario Museum is giving a virtual view of dinosaur. Visitors can point their smartphones at select markers spread across the museum and they can see the dinosaur come to life in flesh and bones. Visitors can also use iPads that point towards skeletons and are mounted across the museum notes BusinessWorld.

Augmented reality is coming of age and is exceedingly being utilised in museums, exhibitions and art galleries across the globe to deliver different experiences to their visitors.

Previously only limited to science fiction movies, augmented reality has found its place in mainstream. ABI Research has projected that this industry is going to see revenue in tune of $3 billion by 2016.


Another similar program, Moment in Time – an art exhibition in Laguna Beach, makes use of this technology whereby visitors can point iOS or Android device loaded with an app called Aurasma at an image and, thanks to the app, the picture stirs into motion.