Raspberry Pi Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the tiny computer, has said that RS Components and element14/Premier Farnell have started producing enough units that would allow them to scrap the order limit on Raspberry Pi.

In a blog post, the foundation made the announcement. Initially the limit of one unit per customer was placed in the light of limited stocks. Despite these limits, there was always a shortage and people had to wait for long time to get their hands on one of these credit card sized computer.

With the order limit scrapped, customers can now order as many Raspberry Pi units as they like but, the delivery times are still going to be high depending upon the location of the customer and the stock. There is still a backlog of order that both manufacturers are busy processing and this may take the delivery times to anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks.

The scrapping of the waiting list will definitely benefit the students as they can get their Pi before the beginning of school terms.

Liz Upton, a full time worker at the non-profit organization, insists that customers should get their orders in as soon as possible as that would allow the foundation to plan the supply chain and order fulfillment requirements. “Get your order in; it helps us to plan the supply chain efficiently if we have a bit of visibility of what’s just down the road.” said Upton.