Designed by a blind couple Roger and Margaret Wilson-Hinds and named after Mrs Wilson-Hind’s guide dog, the smartphone is powered by Android operating system and uses handsets like Samsung XCover and Galaxy Ace 2 notes BBC. The main reason for developing such a phone according to thEe couple was that they wanted to get the technology across to people with very little or no sight.

“It’s exactly the type of digital experience we want to make easily available to people with little or no sight,” said Roger. “It is also going to help solve everyday problems for blind people so they can be more confident about navigating the real world and become independent,” he added.

The main feature of the phone is that it relies almost completely upon the use of voice command. For notifications, the voice assistant within the phone is used to notify users such as when a bus is coming, help with directions, etc.

Georgie is priced at £299 (around $465) if someone wants to buy the handset loaded with the necessary software. But, for those with existing Android devices, they can also go for a downloadable version priced at £149 ($230) available on the Google Play store.

  • Bubulle

    Good idea, but, a touch screen is the dumbest thing for blinds.

  • NormM

    The iPhone is widely used by the blind because of it’s really excellent sightless access features, which have been present since the original iPhone. Is this an improvement in some way, or just an attempt to make Android accessible?

  • Adam
  • simon

    needs a tactile touchscreen and then it’s good to go

  • Clay

    A blind project manager I worked with absolutely loved using a touch screen phone. What makes you think it’s a dumb idea? Did you ask an unsighted person or are you just presuming?