Latest in the line of such a piece of news is an article by Know Your Mobile claiming that the iPhone 4S successor will be launching on August 7.

According to the site, they have it from reliable sources that the Apple is going to bring forward its launch date from October to August and that the launch of iPhone 5 is going to happen through a keynote speech on the aforementioned date.

The latest in iPhone series is definitely going to come loaded with the recently launched iOS 6 operating system. A lot of talks has been going on in regards to configuration of the next-gen iPhone but next to little has been confirmed by Cupertino-based iPod maker.

iPhone 5 is likely to come with a 4-inch Retina display laced with liquipel coating, will boast of 1GB RAM and a longer-lasting battery, updated Siri version, a smaller dock connector and NFC functionality.

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  • Rich

    Without Steve Jobs, I keep watching to see if the uber-security culture at Apple is going to get slacker.