At the annual shareholder’s meet, Heins acknowledged that due to tough competition from rival devices, BlackBerry branded devices have lost market share and that this year has been a tough one for the Canadian smartphone and tablet maker. “I want to assure you that I am not satisfied with the performance of the company over the past year,” said Heins. 

Heins told investors that BlackBerry 10 smartphones, which have been delayed by almost 7 months and set for an early 2013 launch, will be relying heavily on improved BlackBerry Messenger social networking tools, including new video chat capabilities. 

“BlackBerry Messenger is a very strong platform in Asia, Africa and Europe, and we’re upgrading it with video chat in BlackBerry 10,” said Heins notes Computer World. The new CEO even went to the extent of claiming that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is the “number one social network”.  As it stands, there are 78 million BlackBerry users across the globe and out of these 56 million use BBM platform.

As per RIM’s plan, 2013 will see launch of premium-quality touchscreen BB devices followed by  a device that will be based on RIM’s every so successful QWERTY smartphones.

Talking about the delay in BlackBerry 10, Heins said that the delay is not because there is a financial crunch or because of lack of head count within the company. The reason for the delay, as per Heins, is the time taken for integration of all the disparate blocks of software that BlackBerry 10 is made up of. There are a total of 75 blocks of software in BlackBerry 10 out of which 2 major blocks still remain to be integrated.