The App Center is not an app store per say like the Apple App Store or Google’s Play; it is effectively a place where users can find games and applications. The App Center doesn’t host any of these games or apps but, sends users to appropriate app store for their device, whether it be iOS or Android or Web, once user clicks on some app that he or she likes.

“App Center makes it easier for people around the world to discover the best apps and games for them, wherever they are,” wrote Drew Hoskins, Software Engineer at Facebook, in his blog.

The layout of the App Center is quite intuitive. As soon as you login for the first time, Facebook would populate the App Center with suggestions based on the apps you might have used previously on Facebook. It will also showcase apps that your friends would have downloaded. Further categories include top rated, trending and top grossing.

Being a much anticipated feature, Facebook might have wanted to highlight the App Center as if it was right there in your face as soon as you login. But, that is not the case and the option is more or less hidden away. It appears on the left hand side menu with all the other items.

In case users want to buy apps, they can do so using Facebook credits. Facebook might have found another major revenue stream besides advertisements as it is going to get a cut of 30{b2f8038cca59418a55fa2a773bdd1308d9b98f2083b1773270b153fdacce5890} on each app sold through the App Center.

Time will tell if this model actually helps Facebook to make more money or will it just stay as a feature that will remain as a menu option on the social networking site.