CUTS international, in a statement on Monday, said that it filed for such a complaint following actions against Google’s abusive practices at global level. The complaint was filed by the consumer rights body in June notes India Today. As per CUTS Google is indirectly imposing discriminatory conditions on customers such that they are able to view only those services that are owned and operated by Google and by manipulating its search algorithm as well as paid search results, it was penalizing some websites and advertisers.

“Initiation of an inquiry by the CCI is an important and essential condition for further investigation in the case.” said Mr Sharad Bhansali, Managing Partner, APJ-SLG Law Offices, who is representing CUTS. “The Commission is at liberty to call for further information even before ordering an inquiry. However, in this case they found the information sufficiently detailed and comprehensive to order the full inquiry. The investigation will now be done by DG”. he added.

This is not the first instance when such an investigation has been launched against Google. has also put forward such a complaint with the CCI. The complaint is in line with Google’s discriminatory practices related to AdWords programme.

Google, surprisingly, is not aware of any such ongoing investigation by CCI or any complaint filed by CUTS notes Times of India.