It has been found that the app secretly buys applications from Android app stores in China and owners of the smartphoens are billed through their phone bills.

TrustGo Mobile was the company that discovered the malware last week. The malware dubbed Trojan!MMarketPay.A@Android has been found in 9 app markets and has probably infected nearly 100,000 android devices. TrustGo is of the view point that the app may be repackaged and may be distributed as cn.itkt.travelskygo or

The functioning of the Trojan is noteworthy as it logs onto China Mobile Android market and downloads paid apps and videos the cost of which is automatically added on to users’ phone bills. The Trojan is intelligent to the point that “it is also able to intercept China Mobile’s verification SMS and post the code to the Mobile Market web site in order to complete the purchase notes” The Register.

Users are always advised to download apps from trusted and legit app stores but, it has been observed that there is no guarantee that they will have a malware free experience even from legitimate stores.