According to Zhi Zen, the developer of Xiaoi Bot, “We have a 100 million users in China, and many companies are using our product,” notes PC Advisor. The software is currently available for both Android as well as iOS and is Android, iOS as well as Windows Live Messenger and is being used by quite a few products from major Chinese telecom companies like China Telecom, China Mobile.


Apple’s Siri landed in China earlier this year through the launch of iPhone 4S. Last month the voice assistant was made available with support for Mandarin and Cantonese languages. 


The Shanghai based company revealed that they had tried contacting Apple over this issue. A month later Zhi Zhen filed for a suit against Apple in a Shanghai court on June 21. Company head Yuan Hui said, “Our only demand is that Apple stop infringing on our patent,” he said.

A representative from Zhi Zhen has reportedly told China Business News that if the court rules in its favour or if Apple agrees for a settlement, it would exceed the recent $60 million settlement between Apple and Proview notes The Register.
Apple hasn’t had a smooth ride in China up until now and the recent lawsuits indicate that it is not going to ease out any soon. Apple just recently settled with Proview over iPad trademark and with its ongoing battle for Snow Leopard Apple is going to have some rough road ahead.