Friday, February 23, 2018


Google’s Android Wear is now compatible with Apple iPhones

Tech giant Google has confirmed Android Wear is now compatible with Apple iPhones. Until now, iPhone users who wanted a real smartwatch could only opt...


Apple iPhone 5S TouchID broken

The much hyped and probably one of the USP of the iPhone 5S has been allegedly broken using already known methods.

Reflective, persistent XSS discovered on Microsoft Bing maps

A security researcher, Bhavesh Naik, has discovered cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerability on Bing maps and from the looks of it the vulnerability is both reflective as well as persistent.



Prynt lets you print selfies in seconds right from the phone

A French start-up dubbed Prynt has developed a new smartphone case that packs a built-in printer capable of printing selfies right from the phone...

Raspberry Pi officially supports Wayland

Eben Upton, during a keynote at LinuxCon and CloudOpen, demonstrated Weston running native Wayland apps on the Raspberry Pi.

Baidu launches Chromecast clone, rival ‘Shadow Stick’

Baidu has jumped the HDMI TV dongle bandwagon and has released a Chromecast clone with almost the same feature set.